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The following is a sampling of Dan’s extensive publishing list. Enjoy and be encouraged!


EFCA 31 May 2018

The EFCA blog is under the care of a new editor, but gratefully, Abby Farson Pratt is as great to work with as her predecessor. Dan’s most recent article for them focuses on Multisite churches and how to keep the gospel message consistent across all sites. You can also read a background article on this site to see what spurred Dan to do the research and write the article.

The Gem 08 April 2018

“I’ve always wanted to write fiction for publication,” says Dan. “Like most avid readers, I have plenty of ‘favorite’ authors of fiction.” Until writing a short story called, “The Roofer,” for The Gem, however, Dan hadn’t realized his goal. The story relates the struggle of a regular Christian trying to show the love of Christ to a underprivileged person.


The Living Church 25 October 2017

“Working with Doug LeBlanc at The Living Church was one of my best experiences,” says Dan of his recent publishing opportunity. “Covering military ministry from a lay-leader’s perspective was important to me and Doug saw that. We worked hard to make sure the article was fair and informative. Great experience!”

The Lookout 23 July 2017

The Lookout gave me my first real opportunity to write specifically about scripture,” said Dan of his opportunity to write in The Lookout. “Writing about scripture from the book of John was even more enjoyable.”

The Lookout is now under a new editor, but Dan still hopes to write for them in the future.

Christian History Institute 22 June 2017

“I always wanted to do research on Martin Luther, and Christian History Institute’s Dawn Moore gave me that opportunity with a wonderful little guest post on one of his many sayings. I hope to work with Dawn again very soon. She’s a great editor at a very important organization.”

Christian Courier 09 January 2017

“This is my second clip from Christian Courier, and I hope it’s the second of many,” Dan said of his first clip for 2017. “Monica Deregt [the features editor] is really great to work with and the copy looks wonderful. I appreciate the fact that the paper was willing to change the name of the article to better fit the story behind it. While they did it without discussing it with me first, it was the right decision to make and I’m glad it happened.”


EFCA Now 07 November 2016

“Always a joy to work with Diane McDougall,” said Dan of his recent assignment. “I learn more about writing tight informational pieces from Diane than I do from any other organization.”

This is Dan’s first piece dealing with reporting on an event as it happened. In the article, he covered the immediate response to Hurricane Matthew after it hit Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Baptist Standard 28 September 2016

“This is my second essay of the year, and my first real foray into OpEd/editorial writing,” said Dan of the Baptist Standard piece. “It also marks my second piece on cystic fibrosis for the year, a topic I’m obviously very tied to. It feels good to get my message out in a respectable publication.”

You and Me Magazine 09 September 2016

“Write what you know is the old adage, and cystic fibrosis is what I know,” says Dan of this piece, which is a first person essay detailing his life as a father of a special needs child. The article is called, “The only Patient in the Hospital.”

Christian Courier 11 July, 2016

“I’m very grateful for the features editor, Monica Deregt. She was patient with me while I worked through the development of this story, which relates directly to my role as a military lay leader. If you want to know what it’s like to do what I do, read this article,” said Dan of his recent article, which appeared in both the print and online editions of the periodical.

“Upon publication, I received two author copies. The editor and staff were really great to work with!”

Breakthrough Intercessor Summer 2016

“This publication is very specific to the issue of prayer, so I wrote to the staff suggesting a piece on praying for the military. Succinct and to the point, I wanted people to pray for us, and that mission matched Breakthrough Intercessor’s mission as well.”

Breakthrough Intercessor Article

The Christian Journal 01 June, 2016

“Writing for the Christian Journal was a unique experience because I had to write to a theme list, which isn’t something I usually do. Normally, I submit a query for an idea and see if the editor likes it. The editor and staff were very easy to work with. I received two author copies in the mail following publication. This paper is a great way for newer writers to break in.”

The Christian Journal Clip

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