Profile PicSo…who am I?

I’m a Christian, a husband, a father, a career US Navy sailor, and freelance writer living in Jacksonville, FL with my family and our pets. I have called myself the Navy Christian for years, starting with my first blog back in July 2009. I’ve been writing for 16 years and blogging for seven.

I started this new blog because, honestly, WordPress has more capabilities than Blogger, though I have written over 500 posts on my other site and still keep it alive because of that. WordPress is just better. No two ways about it.

My writing focuses primarily on military ministry as I am a lay-leader in the US Navy, where I’ve enjoyed a 20+ year career. Several of my published credits revolve around being a Christian in the military and how ministry works in our career field. As I publish more on that, I’ll update the blog.

As I near retirement (that may be 10 years or more away!), I am expanding my writing to include a more general Christian audience, thus my published clips will show that. Keep checking back as I’ll update with each clip! Keep checking back or, better yet, subscribe to updates!