Taiwan Visit (Photo Blog)

I was blessed to be part of a trip to Taiwan recently, my third trip in twelve months. I’ve grown to love that island and the people that comprise its population. In two of the visits, God has blessed me further by letting me meet with believers. On my first trip, I got to visit an international congregation on Easter Morning while on my most recent trip, I worshipped with a Taiwan congregation.

My travels have taken me to Taipei, Su’ao, Kaohsiung, and a few other main cities near Taipei and the airport that serves that city. Su’ao, in particular, has become to me like my hometown of Girard, KS. It is small, quaint even, but I have grown to love it for that simplicity. In all three visits to the village, situated in Yilan County, I’ve run most days.

After a few days in Su’ao, we moved on to Kaohsiung, which I’ve been to once before, on my first trip to the country. This time, I got to worship in Mandarin with a church there.

David Ullstrom, OMF missionary to Taiwan, preaching in the native language.

I’ve written at length in my monthly newsletter about the church, but I’ll say a little snippet here: “This is what I love about the people of God. When I arrived at the church, David (the missionary) confessed that he probably wouldn’t be able to offer a translation because, well, it was a church ministering to Taiwan people, not English speakers. Much to my surprise, a retired Taiwan Air Force technician, who also led the singing for Qiaotou God’s Love Church, sat down next to me after the worship and personally translated everything David preached, just so I could follow along. He then translated everything for me during the little Sunday School time after, and of course translated my words back to the congregation when David asked me to share about why I was there.”


I was also blessed to be in town during the annual Lantern Festival. Please enjoy the photos!


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