When New Year’s Resolutions Fail

So…one month down in the New Year. How are your resolutions going? Losing that weight? Getting your Bible reading on track? Exercising at least “X” times a week?


You’re not alone. Upwards of 80%* of all New Year’s Resolutions fail before the 1st of February. Not that failure is good, but at least you’re not alone, right?

That probably doesn’t make you feel better, does it? It doesn’t make me feel better about the donut I had for breakfast this morning either, or the fact that I didn’t go to the gym. It really doesn’t make me feel ok about the fact that I was 19 days into January before starting my daily Bible reading plan

I’m disappointed in myself. In the win-loss struggle of life, January was a big loss in every aspect except my writing, which I managed to do every day of the month (a first for me). If I’m not careful, my weight and Bible reading will never get better, all because I’ve “lost” several times this year already.

All that failure can really weigh on a person.

Which is why Todd Molter, teaching pastor at Legacy Church, believes that my life is more about growing in my relationship with Jesus as I passionately pursue him than it is about setting and keeping resolutions or checkboxes. Yours is too, and that’s good news!

Relationships are messy, whether it’s a spouse, a child, a parent, or God. What does two steps forward and one step back look like for a Christian? What does a steady state spiritual growth look like?

For Pastor Molter, it’s more about practicing daily disciplines, such as Bible study, expanding prayer life, love of your neighbor, and others, and rejecting peripheral issues, Biblical illiteracy, etc. Focusing on the former allows me to absorb periodic defeats because I’m thinking in the bigger terms of developing my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sure, 80% of people blow their New Year’s Resolutions before they even get into February. But what’s the big picture? What does it mean for a person’s overall health? Their family? And most importantly, their relationship with Jesus?

I’m very pleased to be working with Pastor Molter on a project that will help you in your struggle for victories without relying on them for your well-being. In truth, if you’re only out for checkmarks in the win column, your progress will disappoint you. The good news is, we’re not really going to do that with this project.

However, if you want to know how to stop worrying about wins and losses, and instead start passionately pursuing Jesus Christ, you’re in the right place. If you want to have that “aha” moment someday, where you look back and think, “Wow, that was the best prayer time I’ve ever had!” then this is the project for you.


We would love for you to join our mailing list for this project. Click HERE to sign up and learn more about passionately pursuing Jesus Christ. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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