2018 Resource Investments

IMG_7389Since making a decision on Christmas of 2015 that I would become serious about my writing, I’ve made it a point to make one writing investment each winter. For the last few years, that investment has meant buying a few writing books. Here’s what I bought for Christmas of 2017:

  1. Interzone:
  • One of my goals is to get published in a science fiction magazine this year. Part of making that goal a reality is to fully understand what gets published in science fiction magazines. Side note: in the fall of 2017, I ordered a combo pack of Analog and Asimov magazines. You can do the same at this LINK). Link to purchase Interzone below:

  1. Christian Writer’s Market Guide:
  • I purchased the Writer’s Digest Writer’s Market Guide in September and was sorely disappointed in the religious section. Only a handful of periodicals were represented. I didn’t want to buy yet another market guide, but I felt like I had no real choice in the matter. I write religious articles and stories for the most part, so I need a good market guide for that industry.
  • Also, I have purchased the Christian Writer’s Market Guide several years ago when Sally Stuart used to publish it. It was a good publication then, and I am making an assumption that the agent Steve Laube has continued that quality as he oversees its publication. I like it so far. Link to purchase below:

  1. Writer’s Digest
  • I’ll be honest, I bought this because Andy Weir, who I listened to in person, is on the cover. He had some great stories about his writing career, so I want more. I don’t subscribe to this magazine (might start soon), but I usually buy the first issue of the year. Link to purchase a sample copy at this LINK:
  1. Crafting Novels and Short Stories:
  • I’ve submitted several stories in the past, and it’s only recently that I realized that I need some serious work on my short story craft. Honestly, my book-length fiction needs work too. I’ve become fairly good at writing articles and essays (enough to have over a dozen credits), but I want more.

While that’s it for now, don’t be surprised if I update this list from time to time in 2018. In making my writing more of a priority, I will be adding the resources to make it a successful expenditure of my time. Check back for more!

2 thoughts on “2018 Resource Investments

  1. Great list! Have you joined any writing associations or groups to help network as well as sharpen your skills? Or attended a writer’s conference? I’ve read that there is a Christian writer’s conference in SoCal and, of course, there is Mt. Hermon’s.


    1. The simple truth is that I’m not great at networking with other authors. I am part of a few Facebook groups (I’ll invite you to one in particular that I like), but not small author groups. I haven’t spent the money on writer’s conferences either, though I did just enter a contest for the SoCal Christian Writer’s Conference. I doubt I can afford to go if I don’t win. Very expensive and, again, I need my writing to pay for itself, not be a money drain. I have, however, attending San Diego’s book festival where I listened to several authors speak and I went to an author signing and listened to him speak as well.

      Now, what I lack in author relationships I feel I make up in editor relationships. I have at least one editor (probably two) whom I can write with an idea and get feedback almost immediately because I’ve worked with her several times. I get green-lighted from her more easily than any other editor as well, definitely better than cold-querying. I am developing relationships with other editors as well. And let’s be honest, the money is with the editors, not other authors.

      Hope that helps!


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