Tragedy in Sunset

Hey everyone! Some of you know from a post I wrote last fall, that I have been working on a book. Well, it’s finally time to introduce Tragedy in Sunset to the world. I’ve been holding off for a long time because, as many of you know, the writing process is very long. Even after finishing the first draft, I’ve been working very hard on the novel in order to give real life to the story and the best product possible to you, the reader.

And just what is that story? Glad you asked! Here is a short blurb:

“A young, small town Kansas girl is raped. Now her father must joined forces with a rogue detective and the perpetrator’s father to prevent it from destroying a town.”

Interest you? I hope so!

Tragedy in Sunset is in editing right now and will be for the rest of the summer at least. Here’s a rough outline of the future for this story:

  1.  Editing (through the summer and early fall 2017)
  2.  Submission to agents (early 2018)
  3.  Depending on point 2, will begin to submit to publishers (mid-2018)
  4.  Publication sometime in 2019 or 2020.

See? The publishing process is really long! However, I want you to meet the people of Sunset, Kansas so badly that I’m preparing a series of short stories to whet your appetite! I’ll release those shorts through my blog.

Thanks are in order for my beta readers. I’m so grateful for the work they are doing!  Tragedy in Sunset moves forward every day! You can keep up with the novel’s progress by clicking here.

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