The Only New Year’s Resolution that Matters

dscn0145The year 2017 is looming large in my sights. While the Christmas lights still twinkle on the tree and the kids haven’t even broken any of the toys yet, I know that I must start thinking seriously about the coming New Year. It isn’t all about football and parties, you know. There’s the goal setting and resolutions to think about too!

Do you have any? Resolutions I mean. Like me, I suppose (assume?) you’d like to finally lose that 20lbs you’ve been staring at in the mirror for the last several months. I know that this is a big one because my e-book “Gluttony” is selling faster now than any other time of the year. But not even this important resolution really matters.

Goals are important too. For example, I have a goal to write for some major publications this year. Christianity Today tops that list. In my opinion, it’s the gold standard for Christian journalism. But not even this major milestone goal matters.

The only thing that matters this year…the only resolution that bears us any benefit, is to get closer to God this year than we were in 2016.

II Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Of course, this happens when a person accepts Christ. Maybe that happened for you at the New Year, but chances are, if you are reading this, then you’re already a Christian. Yet there is something we as humans, whether regenerated or not, have in common with every year as it ends. We know what it’s like to have the old pass away and the new arrive. And just like 2017, our lives carry the baggage of the previous life. You’ll deal with decisions you made in 2016 for some time in the New Year just like the New You continues to deal with the issues that came from the old you.

Which is why it’s so important to set the ultimate goal this year. Make your New Year’s resolution count…make a committment to know God better this year.

I’ll give you three realistic ways to accomplish this.

  1.  Get into the Bible. Read it consistently. As for me, I’m a horrible daily reader and my ship’s watch schedule often keeps me from setting aside a very specific time each day for scripture reading and prayers. Doesn’t matter. Just read. I’m more a believer of getting into the Bible than doing it at a specific time each day. We’re all busy. Just get into it. Put a little “x” on the calendar each day you do it. Just get started and over time you’ll develop the habit you need.
  2. Pray more. All the time. Every day. I have ideas on how to do this every day and you can read them here. The important thing, however, is simply to do it. Set a timer and talk to God for five minutes. It’s not that difficult. Five minutes. You can talk about the latest Hollywood gossip or your favorite sports team for hours. You can talk to God for five minutes. What do you talk about? How about the football team or your favorite actor? Do you think he isn’t interested in what you’re interested in? The important thing is to just start somewhere.
  3. Fellowship often. I put this last because the first two deal with God directly, and I’m an introvert. Extended time with other people wears me out. This is especially true if it’s time spent with people I don’t know. However, fellowship isn’t just the exhausting potlucks and parties. Find people who also follow Jesus and spend time with them. Even as an introvert, I find my soul rejuvenated when I do this with people I love and who love Jesus.

I want to encourage you to start 2017 with a strong, sensible, spiritual goal to get to know God better. It’s the only thing that really matters in eternity, and I am convinced that eternity is the only thing that matters for our lives.

May you have a blessed 2017!

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