My one and only Sci-Fi Credit

I have always dreamt of being a sci-fi writer. Actually, I already am a sci-fi writer. I’ve got thousands of words written about science fiction characters, planets, what have you. Maybe someday I’ll share them with you, but I’ve stepped back from sci-fi for awhile to focus on writing from the back pew.

This post is not about being a sci-fi writer, however, but being a sci-fi author…meaning that I’ve got published credits. To that end, I do have one sci-fi credit. I wrote a piece that I submitted to Ambitions Magazine (it was also submitted to Nth Degree and rejected). Sadly, that magazine isn’t in production any longer.

Anyway, I not only got the below piece published (for which I’m grateful), but I got paid $2.00 for my efforts! Funny thing is, I never cashed the check. The article appeared in 2004. Sometimes I go a little sideways with my theology, but just remember it’s a speculative piece. Enjoy!

Mars and the Garden of Eden Ambitions Mag

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