Why I Write

Why do I write?

I write because I was born to write. One of my earliest childhood dreams was to be a best selling author. Sometimes, when my daydreaming turned to fantasy, I would conduct interviews with media outlets, to include radio, TV, and magazines. It was such fun. That dream actually came true for one brief moment in life.

Reality of course, is almost completely different. Writing, not to mention being published, is hard work! Even self-publishing (Independent Publishing if you prefer) is very strenuous. However, I don’t do it because it’s easy and I don’t shy away from it because it’s hard.

Periodically, whether due to other interests, family needs, or my “real” job, I will have to set writing aside. Yet no matter how often I have to walk away, or for how long, I always return to writing. No matter how many rejections I receive, I can’t stop writing. It’s my pure joy to put words on a page.

I write for many reasons really. To get the word out. To educate. To entertain. To encourage. But mostly, I write because it’s what I was meant to do. It’s my purpose…I was born to write!

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