Publishing Experience: Evangelical Missions Quarterly

Sometimes, even I get surprised by what an editor will like or not like. When I proposed an article idea to the Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) about my travels overseas, I couldn’t believe they wanted it!

You see, my hope was to show how deployed military personnel could be beneficial to missionaries, and vice-versa. I was very excited to learn that EMQ accepted the article. They didn’t pay except in contributor copies, but it was a good experience overall. The editor,  Mr. A. Scott Moreau, was easy to work with and very business-like. My article was essentially published as was written, though they do say in the writer’s guidelines that they may make edits or suggest edits.

I look forward to writing for EMQ again someday. Even though it isn’t a paying market, it is an easy market to write for (in that the editor and staff are easy to work with) and gives me an opportunity to work out some ideas on the missionary enterprise. This is especially true considering my continued traveling career. If you’re looking for a place to work on missions, give EMQ a look!

Here is the article I wrote:

Missionaries and Deployed Military 1

Missionaries and Deployed Military 2

Missionaries and Deployed Military 3

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