Newspapers- One of my favorite venues

A lot of freelance writers shun newspapers. Some of them do it for good reason. The turnaround time is almost immediate (meaning you don’t have a lot of time to write the piece), the pay is very low (in most cases), and the readership is small and shrinking (overall).

These freelancers, however, miss a great opportunity by bypassing newspapers in their publishing careers. Some of my best writing opportunities have come from newspapers.

In fact, the Sherwood Voice, which at the time was run by Warren Watkins, gave me my first real shot at writing a weekly column. I covered local schools, the monthly city council meeting, and even an occasional public event like Cinderella (below) and the Alabama farewell tour. Warren Watkins, and the owners of the Sherwood Voice, allowed me to gain some amazing experience into newspaper publishing and writing. Do not pass up the opportunity to work for one if you get the chance.

Some of the local rags I’ve been published in:

Sherwood Voice (Clips below)

Lake County News-Sun

Girard Press

I’ve also written for small Christian papers:

Christian Courier

The Christian Journal

Following are a few clips from Sherwood Voice:


Review 01 Cinderella

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