Let’s get this out of the way. It is, after all, just the first post.

Most blogs, including my former blog, are all old enough now to either be obsolete (most blogging is), or have hundreds, if not thousands, of posts. My old blog has well over 500 posts. I suppose I’ll keep posting there periodically. If it’s not directly about my writing or my scientific research, I’ll probably use the other blog.

I am a writer, though I really don’t get to write as often as I want. Someday, maybe, I’ll get that opportunity. Therefore, my writing has to be very specific and focused. Because of that, the obligatory first post isn’t going to get as much attention as it would on other blogs, including my own science research blog.

So accept that this post is just what you’d expect…nothing earth-shaking. Just the obligatory reality of blogging. Stand by for the real juice to start!

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